Breaking Radio Silence

You may have noticed we’ve been absent for a while now, so we thought we’d check in just to give an update on where we’ve been and some of the things we’ve been planning.

After the game fest, we ended up taking a short break from development. The run up to the show was a lot of hard work and we didn’t want to get burnt out on the project. We’ve been tinkering here and there, adding in or changing things based on the feedback we received but not committing to any more major revisions. One of the reasons for this was because we’d actually been talking to a publisher who’d seen the project and was interested in working with us with the idea that the game would end up being a much bigger project than we initially intended.

This didn’t end up happening and so we were left with a bunch of cool ideas with no budget to implement them. We thought about putting out the game as it is now, doing a final pass for bugs and tweaking a few things that came up during testing, but ultimately we decided to push ahead with this expanded scope, and so started looking at ways to make it happen.

So this leads us to our major news; we’ll soon be running a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise the additional funds we feel we need to be able to complete Star Janitors without compromising on the features we want to include.

All the specifics on these changes will become clearer in future updates, for now we just wanted to reassure everyone that we’re alive and well, and that progress is still being made!


Harry & Will