State Of The Game

“I’m going to do it. We haven’t updated in almost a year and I’m feeling it. I’m going to write a blog post tonight” – Will, Costa Coffee, Last Monday.

With the anniversary of our last update fast approaching and our first game still well under way, it’s probably about time for us to make good on our secondary aim of being more open about the state of development. After all we are pretty much the only independent video game team with our own blog (although I haven’t really checked). If nothing else it’ll get this off the front page:

animation (2)

So first off, a bit of housekeeping. Sam has left Clutchware and moved back to London to work on personal projects. It happened quite a while back now but I suppose this is a good a place as any to officially announce that the trifecta has become a duet. We both wish him all the best.


Before he left, Sam was pretty instrumental in dragging us to business meet ups, networking with local development teams and probably most importantly: getting us into a room with the heads of the Southampton Solent Young Entrepreneurship Scheme, where we proceeded to talk to them about our aim of setting up our own independent video game studio. Armed with our charm, wit and one of the best PowerPoint presentations I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, they quickly warmed to the idea:

“You know my kids play Call of Duty, they can’t get enough of it” Said one.

“You boys seem like you’ve got the enthusiasm to make something out of this” Said another.

“I don’t think retro things are that popular” Said a third, who was luckily largely ignored.

We were offered the full amount of funding available with which to kick-start our business.


While the game itself is not quite ready to show off in all its glory yet, there is one stage of the project that’s getting close. Being as flush with funding as we are devoid of artistic talent we took to the internet to look for someone who would take us from “Student tech demo” to “Now that looks cool”. We found a whole bunch of folks just raring to give us their art but one particular studio caught our eye, and not just because one of them is Jack Daniels. They’re busy right now putting the finishing touches on the look for our game, here’s a bit right here:

rob_run2  Sherry_runWolfy_runJim_run

You can visit their website here

And that’s it for now. We’ll have more for you soon, much more. MUCH more. We might even announce the game.