Update Two: Electric Boogaloo

It seemed about time to write another update on how we’re doing, mostly because we’re right in the middle of the long Easter Weekend and I’ve run out of other things to do. The project is progressing at a steady pace, and with the extra time we’ve put in this weekend we’re at a point where everything we originally planned is now in the game and working bug-free. You can see how much we’re enjoying the state of the game from the back of my head up ther- oh damn is that a bald spot?

The next step is to look at the long list of things we’d like to put in the game and work out what is feasible within the time limit (Harry loves it because it means he gets to use the whiteboard again). This is a super fun part of the project because instead of working out how to make a menu look just right we’re working out how an alarm on a spaceship might go off or how mopping in zero gravity works.

And we do have a time limit of sorts now, because:


We’ve grabbed a spot at the Southampton Game Festival 2016! This year the event is being held in the Guildhall, which is an absolutely massive venue. Last year the both of us had a ton of fun checking out all the games, indie or otherwise, on show down there so to be part of the line-up this time around is really exciting.

If you happen to be around Southampton on the 22nd of May this year be sure to come down and have a look, we’ve got some really dumb ideas about how we’re going to go about showcasing our game.

You can check out their website here.

That’s it for now; sorry for the shorter update and I promise we’ll have more for you next time. Like a game announcement?